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Editing a Movie

Michael Bednarsky offers video and audio editing services. From short promotional videos to extensive multitrack projects, Michael has a perfectionist's eyes and ears to give your project a superb result.

Video and Audio Editing

About My Services

Since the coronavirus pandemic, I have been making  multitrack music videos involving multiple musicians playing a piece, separate from each other. I will then digitally put them together and refine the audio for a splendid end-result. Check out my portfolio for examples.

General Video Editing Services

  • Transitions

  • Cropping or zooming the camera shot

  • Color balancing

  • Special color effects

  • Titles, subtitles, closed captions, credits

  • Logos, watermarks, intros and outros

  • Adding royalty-free background music or sound effects

  • Audio refinement (background noise reduction, voice enhancements, equalization)

Music Video and Multitrack Services

  • Making refine rhythmic and pitch edits, and comparing audio to a musical score to ensure correct ensemble

  • Videos can appear as mosaic, or can feature different videos at different times

The sky is the limit. I'll work with you to make it look exactly as you envision it! 

About Me

I am a video editor, audio engineer and musician. I have created promotional videos and have compiled multitrack music videos recorded by up to 80 at-home musicians during the coronavirus pandemic. I have recently created music videos for Berklee College of Music and Indian Hill Music. I am a trained classical musician and orchestral conductor, which means I have an ear for audio engineering. Not only will your videos look good, but they'll sound superb.

Video Editing Portfolio
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